Woody headed for a carnival setting in new Toy Story 4 poster


After multiple plot changes and an entire crew reshuffle since Toy Story 4 was first announced – screenwriters Rashida Jones and Will McCormack have walked away, and controversy surrounding John Lasseter booting him out – nobody seems quite sure where this movie is headed. Both plot-wise and on a production level, it’s pretty clear that the conglomerate is clutching at straws, its crisis now inevitably manifesting itself in its material. Entertaining, perhaps, but also a little uncomfortable when you see the power-play at work behind a simple kids’ movie.

Nevertheless, its latest poster has just been revealed and it features Woody tipping his hat to someone off screen – that’s me and you, partner. The melancholy gesture savors of a last farewell, and although it’s not as bleak as the grey-slate poster revealed a few weeks ago, there’s an unavoidable sense of finality. The overtly nostalgic portrait-hour glow helps drive this message home, though at least with a carnival in the background there’s hope that the characters won’t end up moments away from death in a fiery furnace again.

Despite a messy production so far, what has been confirmed about the movie so far is that it will feature the new character Forky (voiced by Tony Hale), whose existential crisis is played for laughs, while the rest of the crew (voiced by returning favorites Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, and Joan Cusack) adjust to life at Bonnie’s house. We also know from Tim Allen’s tip that the ending will be ‘very emotional’. Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key will also feature as the brilliant carnival characters Ducky and Bunny – and based on their fantastic teaser, you know I’ll be turning up for them.

All running smoothly, Toy Story 4 is set to receive a theatrical release on June 21, 2019, though whether or not any further changes are made to the plot, crew or cast remains to be seen between now and next summer.

Sian Francis Cox
Sian is Flixist’s UK Editor and has written for sites including Escapist Magazine, Destructoid, and Film Enthusiast.