World War Z doing seven weeks of reshoots


Reshooting is a common part of the blockbuster production process, but it’s rare for any movie to require more than a week or two at most. So when it is revealed that the adaptation of Max Brooks’ zombie epic, World War Z, is undergoing a full seven weeks of reshoots, it’s a likely sign something isn’t right. G.I. Joe Retaliation has already been hauled back from its original June release date to March 2013 after poor test screenings, and it’s a worrying state of affairs when two major movies in a single year are deemed in need of such extensive reworking.

On the one hand, a novel as complex as Brooks’ – structured as a collection of individual accounts of a zombie outbreak and its aftermath – could be difficult to get right, and perhaps director Marc Forster (Quantum Of Solace) felt the footage in the can didn’t quite do justice to the ambitious concept. Almost two months is still a very long time, though, and no matter how challenging the source material, questions will be raised over how well planned the movie was from the start.

[via /Film]