Worst Movie Ever has Worst Opening Ever


With the internet allowing viewers to spread word faster and wider than ever before, the cult of the bad movie has become ever more popular in recent years – from Tommy Wiseau’s barmy epic The Room (‘Hi doggy!’) to anything beloved by our own Liz Rugg – to the extent that amateur filmmakers are attempting to cash in on the phenomenon.

One such effort, the ambitiously titled The Worst Movie Ever!, has accidentally seen its credentials reinforced with the news that it managed to set a world-record low $11 opening weekend on its one screen. Yes, that’s eleven dollars, as paid by a single viewer. Worse (or perhaps better) still, signs are pointing to one of the movie’s ‘stars’, Christine Mascolo, as being the only person in the infinite universe willing to hand over money to sit through the movie.

Unfortunately, there is a dark side to this otherwise brilliant story: that $11 weekend gross has partially saved face for the ever-unbearable Katherine Heigl, whose Zzyzzx Road (no, seriously, that’s the movie’s name) was the previous record holder with a phenomenal $20 weekend when it aired at the Highland Village Park Theater in Texas. However, given how Zzyzzx Road had two recognisable names (Heigl and Tom Sizemore) on the poster and probably an actual budget, its $9 ‘advantage’ is effectively annulled as far as I’m concerned.

If you want to do your good deed for the week and keep Heigl rock bottom, The Worst Movie Ever! has been booked by the Alamo Drafthouse in Winchester for a showing next Wednesday at 11.10pm. Find the ‘trailer’ and ‘plot description’ (terms used very lightly) at the link below. Could be a good contender for a future Cult Club

[via Movieline]