X-Men: Days of Future Past gets two not terrible posters


When the first posters for X-Men: First Class appeared to be nothing more than a noteworthy idea ruined by terrible photoshop decisions, you’d think Fox would keep from trying that “merging old and new” again. Well, they tried again and the results are surprisingly pleasant. 

Since X-Men: Days of Future Past is about Wolverine traveling back in time to keep Sentinels from wiping out mutants in the future, a new “merging new and old” poster is appropriate. Thankfully, it’s done far better this time. A simple merging of Ian McKellen and Michael Massbender’s Magneto face and Patrick Stewart and James McAvoys’s Professor Xavier with a cool “X” looking thing. I don’t maybe I just like the colors. The posters are in the gallery below along with a quietly released image of McKellen, Stewart, Daniel Cudmore (Colossus), and Omar Sy’s cool looking Bishop (a super cool future mutant guy) is armor. 

[via EW]