X-Men First Class posters are ugly AND cliched


No one can say these are leaked or “fan-made” posters this time! The two new posters for X-Men: First Class, which you’ll find in the gallery, are the result of so many poor decisions. First, we’ve got the boring silhouettes of the “future” versions of our two protagonists, Erik “Magneto” Lensherr and Charles “Professor X” Xavier. That’s just boring, but it’s not ugly. What really gets these into the heart of Terrible Town is the oddly cropped, poorly placed floating faces placed at crotch level on the silhouettes.  They took the cardinal sin of Floating Heads on Posters and DVD Boxes and somehow made it awful to the point of art form.

For someone that doesn’t know much about the X-Men franchise or this upcoming movie, this is a ridiculously confusing concept for a poster. There’s really not a lot going for this movie, at least for me. It’s just one silly, bad-looking bit after another. 

[Via JoBlo]