Xavier Dolan’s Tom at the Farm gets US distribution


Xavier Dolan’s Tom at the Farm (Tom à la ferme) will finally be distributed to the United States, via Amplify Releasing. The psychological thriller had its world premiere at the Venice Film Festival in 2013, and has since been distributed around the world.

It is Dolan’s fourth feature film – pre-Mommy – and is without a doubt his most accessible, but equally brilliant movie. As someone who’s seen it more than a few times at the cinema (in Norway), I struggle to understand how this wasn’t distributed way-back-when. The movie follows Tom (played by Dolan himself) who travels to the country to attend his boyfriend’s funeral. When he arrives at the family farm, he learns that the boyfriend’s mother (Lise Roy) doesn’t know about their relationship, and that her second son (Pierre-Yves Cardinal) wants to keep it that way. 

Looking back at Dolan’s entire filmography, Tom at the Farm is a quintessential piece. It fits perfectly between Laurence Anyways and his magnus-opus, Mommy, as its easy to spy connections between all three of them, but also because Dolan’s auteur signature has evolved exponentially with them. 

It’s fantastic to see a distributor finally pick it up for North-American audiences, and it looks to fit Amplify Releases’ catalogue very well. Everybody should run and see it when it premieres in select theatres and Video on Demand on August 14, whether you’ve seen Dolan’s other work or not. 

Amplify Releases will also unveil fresh promotional material for the film, including the poster in the gallery below: 

[Source Variety]