Xenomorphs and Gremlins are pretty creepy on the inside


Brad McGinty, genius among men/nerd treasure, has thought up some very disturbingly cool cross sections of some famous movie creatures apparently inspired by the Anatomical Guide to Monsters. He’s done a Xenomorph from Alien, the Martians from Mars Attacks, both the Mogwai and Gremlin creatures from Gremlins, and most importantly to me, Predator (otherwise known as “ugly mother shut your mouth”) from Predator

What really gets me is the detail he puts into everything. Right from the probably poorly translated words, to the collection of eyes in the Xeno’s skull. All of this just looks appropriately weird and creepy. In case your wondering, like I was, he’s totally selling prints of these for $25 (25 dollars!). I’m probably going to snag the Predator one myself. If you’re curious, you can check out the others in the gallery. 

[Brad McGinty, via Badass Digest]