Y: The Last Man pilot ordered for FX


After languishing around for almost a decade, the popular comic Y: The Last Man might finally be getting the adaptation that has eluded it for years. On Thursday FX placed an order for a pilot based off of the popular comic by Brian K. Vaughn and Pie Guerra. The showrunners were announced to be Michael Green (“Blade Runner 2049”, “American Gods”, and “Logan”) and Aida Mashaka (“Luke Cage”, and “Turn”) with Vaughn and Melina Matsoukas (“Master of None”) directing the pilot.

Taking place in a world where all men have died except for the titular Y, the comic tells the story of how women pick up the pieces of the broken world and make it their own. The story was wildly ahead of its time and has been in development hell since the film rights were acquired in 2007 but no production was ever started. I am glad that they went forward with a TV show instead of trying to shove everything into a movie as TV is where good character development happens and when you are working with a 60 issue series, it needs that room to grow.

FX Orders ‘Y:The Last Man Pilot [Variety]

Anthony Marzano
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