You can get Jonah Hill to babysit your kids


I love viral marketing. It gets absolutely ridiculous sometimes. This is a whole new level, though. In an attempt to raise awareness for his new movie The Sitter, a flyer for a babysitter is being posted all over the place with Jonah Hill’s face and a phone number. Apparently, Jonah Hill will be answering the phone himself at random. There’s no word on whether he’ll actually go through with it, of course. You can give him a call at (917) 409-7838 and try it yourself. I just got the answering machine, but you might be luckier!

Then again, The Sitter is about Hill being a terrible sitter, so you might not want to call him. Unless you want him to babysit you. With pot. He’ll probably be down with that. 

[First Showing, via Coming Soon]