You can help adapt a Neil Gaiman short story


One of the hardest things in the world to do as a filmmaker is getting started. The reason for that is fairly simple: money. These picture shows we all love? Damn, dude, they cost hella bank. Even movies like Brickand Primer, movies known for how much was done on a shoestring, cost several thousand dollars.

With that in mind, I direct your attention to Chris Salmon’s Kickstarter page. Chris is trying to procure $150,000 in order to make a CG adaptation of the Neil Gaiman short story “The Price.”  “The Price” is centered around a man who keeps finding a black cat with fresh wounds from a fight on his front porch. As the story goes on, we come to realize just what the cat is fighting and why. It’s very good stuff, and you can find the text of the short here.

The pitch/animatic that accompanies Mr. Salmon’s Kickstarter page is pretty damn cool, and this is a story I’d like to see made. I’m planning on dropping ten bucks to this guy, and I hope you do too.

[Via io9]