You cannot afford this life sized Iron Man 3 figure


Are you swimming in an ocean of extra couch change and are eagerly awaiting Iron Man 3 this Friday because Nathan gave it rave remarks in his review? Maybe Sideshow Collectibles has the right thing for you! If you have an extra $8500 dollars in non-Monopoly money lying around, you can pre-order a life-sized statue (which means you can’t actually use it), of Tony Stark’s Mark 42 armor (the one prevalent in the film). 

The behemoth lights up, stands 7ft tall, weighs 100 lbs, and would be good for looking at I suppose. This is one of those situations where I have no idea what I’d do with the thing. Although I’m sure if I did buy the statue I’d just use it as a way to get into my secret lair. And that secret lair would be full of puppies. Puppies made out of gold. 

[via Sideshow Collectibles]