You know what the world needs? A Mr. Ed movie


So, this came out of no where. It seems like Fox 2000 is gearing up for a Mister Ed movie. Yeah, like the talking horse. No writer or director have been attached to the project, but that hasn’t stopped me from coming up with my own pitch. We’d have to get Willem Dafoe and Danny Devito attached to the project though. Oh the hijinks those two would get into!

Check it out, Dafoe and Devito are neighbors who don’t see eye to eye. And that’s not because of their height differences! Out of the blue, Dafoe’s aunt dies, leaving her entire fortune to his brothers and sisters. What does Willem get? Her pet horse, Ed! Ed is a strange kind of horse, because he talks! HOW WEIRD! As the tension rises between Willem and Danny, Mr. Ed steps in and brings the two neighbors closer than ever before to foil the plans of a shady land developer who wants to turn the city park into a strip mall. If this isn’t the best family comedy idea ever, I’ll eat my shorts.

Fox, I’m expecting an offer on my desk tomorrow morning.

[via Collider]