You’re invited to the Flixist Movie Club!


As you may have heard in this week’s Get Your Flix, we’re recording a special edition of Get Your Flix this week for a special project that we’re calling the Flixist Movie Club. The short version is that we watch a movie and then talk about it in as great a depth as the mighty Pacific Ocean. If it goes well, and you guys want more, we may be making it a regular feature. This week, Max, Sean, Geoff, Dre, and I are going to be watching Quentin Dupieux’s upcoming film Rubber, which is currently available on iTunes, many cable on-demand services, Playstation Network, and probably X-Box Live too.

If you want to take part in the discussion, obtain a copy of the movie, watch it, and send your questions/comments to me at [email protected], and we’ll be sure to field your questions and address your comments. We’ll be recording on Thursday, so make sure you get them in before then.

See you at the movies! Kinda!