You’re not ready to watch 600 episodes of The Simpsons in a row


When Fox first launched its spin-off channel, FXX, back in 2014, we were treated with an “Every Simpsons Ever” marathon. A week long event that showed the 552 episode long series in full. Now topping that is their second marathon; which will run the now 600 episode strong series over 13 days. 

Starting November 24th at noon EST through Tuesday, December 6th, FXX will play all current 27 seasons of The Simpsons (with episode 600 being the latest Treehouse of Horror special). You know I’ll be there to watch since it’s pretty much what I’ve been doing daily since the launch of the FXNOW mobile app. I just hope there are a wider variety of commercials this time. I’ve seen those Jack Links and Slim Jim commercials so damn much.

Season 28 of The Simpsons premieres September 25th on Fox. 

[via EW]