YouTube’s newest feature: Slow motion


Did you ever wish that you owned a high-speed camera just to post videos of things in slow-motion on YouTube? Well not everyone owns a high-speed camera just for this specific purpose, but Google has a new tool for you.

Google announced this past Tuesday that they would add a new addition to their Enhancements tool or YouTube Editor that can create smooth, slow-motion video. All that needs to be done is apply it to one of your videos, and it will be taken care of automatically. Basically, it does a quick frame analysis and blends the frames together to create what appears to be slow motion.

Below will be a before and after example provided by YouTube. The original video:

Times Square (normal speed)

And then the same video now processed at one-eighth the speed using the new tool:

Times Square (1/8th speed)

While slow-motion videos aren’t exactly new on YouTube, this will probably create a small new trend for people trying out this new tool. I’m not exactly sure this will be a big trend though. The quality between this tool and an actual high-speed camera is pretty different. Still, it is cool nevertheless.

[via TheNextWeb]