You will believe a werewolf wants to bang a child


In case you’ve forgotten, the final entry in the Twilight series features a werewolf(Tay-Lautes) that falls in love with a child(Mackenzie Foy) with the absolutely normal name of Renesemee. Photographic evidence is above and in the gallery at higher resolution. There are also a lot of other pictures in the gallery of Twilight people, but I only recognize the main three ones. I actually didn’t realize Dakota Fanning was in this. That must be fun for her. Good for her.

You can find The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 in theaters November 16th. Strangely, you won’t find Jacob listed on Washington state’s registry of sex offenders in Forks, Washington. I’m guessing some kind of supernatural conspiracy. Like on Buffy! Probably. I haven’t finished Buffy yet. I just assume there’s some sort of supernatural pedophile conspiracy in some episode or another.