You won’t be seeing The Boys on screen anytime soon


If you’re a fan of superhero comics, you should probably read The Boys by Garth Ennis and Darrick Robertson. It takes an exceedingly perverted, ultraviolent piss out of superheroes and superhero comics, right down to the catchphrase-spouting Stan Lee lookalike. Basically, it decides that superheroes, being creatures of near infinite power, have basically no morals and will f**k or snort anything in sight, and a secret group of hardasses has to keep them in line. Also, yes, that one on the bottom is most certainly modeled after Simon Pegg. Columbia had been working on an R-rated adaptation of the comic, to be directed by Anchroman director Adam McKay, and the picture has recently been put in turnaround for unknown reasons.

I can think of a pretty solid reason, myself. This is a comic, awesome as it is, where someone gets torn into little bitty pieces on an issue-by-issue basis. Almost every superhero gets involved in some sort of bizarre sex act, most often disturbing. There’s one superhero called Tek-Knight who can’t stop f**king things. Not people, not animals. Things. This one’s like Preacher, another great from Garth Ennis. There’s no way to adapt it without taking the tooth out of it, so this is really better off. The Boys may find new like at another studio, but I’m hoping it stays in the comics for now.

[Via Hollywood Reporter]