Young Justice returning for a third season


For what is truly a victory for fans after years of online support, WB Animation has confirmed that Young Justice is indeed returning for a season three. The series ran from 2010-2013, as part of Cartoon Network’s DC Nation block of DC Comics animated programs. While netting both critical and cult success with fans. it was canceled due to low toy sales. But after its streaming success brought in new fans like myself, WB has finally changed their minds. 

Original producers Brandon Vietti and Greg Weisman are returning for the new season, but not much else has been confirmed. WB Animation said they’ll provide network and release date (and hopefully announcing some returning cast) soon, but at least it’s in production now. Hopefully the season premieres sooner rather than later. I’m betting Cartoon Network (since they’re currently losing major cartoon series and hope to not lose all the goodwill built by Adventure Time), but I’d kill for a Netflix series. 

[via IGN]