Your Captain America trailer has arrived


UPDATE: This is now the High-Res version, courtesy of Marvel. I command you to wank.

Keeping the commentary quick, since I know ya’ll wanna get yer eyes on it. The Captain America trailer has popped online.

Can you wait any longer? Will you first read my words of wisdom? I wouldn’t. I’ve been a Cap fan for a long time now and as nervous as I am of the Jurassic Park 3 director being handed the reins, I have to remain hopeful. After all, this guy also made The Rocketeer.

“The Rocketeeeeeer! Yaaaaay” -Glenn Morris, Age 12

As for the trailer itself, hopefully you’ll agree with me that it’s a pleasant surprise. It looks like great care was taken to the origin elements of the story and they seem true to the source material. There’s a hint to an important but lesser-known scene in front of a movie theater, much more use of the Chris Evans “skinnification” (as seen in the Superbowl spot) to quell fears that limited use of the technology would lead to limited use of pre-Super-Soldier-Serum drama, and a little weapon improvisation that I won’t spoil, but suffice to say I carried similar armament in my youth, painted red white and blue of course.

I’ve also been hearing rumors that the screenplay for Thor is much better than footage lets on and X-Men: First Class seems ready to pounce with a minimal marketing campaign. Could three mediocre-looking Marvel films turn out to be more than just filler before The Avengers in 2012?