Zac Efron joins Dwayne Johnson in Baywatch movie


A Baywatch movie has been floating around for a while. No one is really sure why since the entire premise of the show was to show people running around in bathing suits for the pleasure of lonely people sitting at home, but it is happening. Dwayne Johnson signed on last month and now Zac Efron has joined him. With director Seth Gordon attached this thing could actually be happening whether we want it to or not.

There is some hope here. The movie is going 21 Jump Street on us. That means instead of being a movie about lifeguards it’ll be a movie about a movie about lifeguards, and hopefully also hilarious. The chances of that are a bit slim since the Jump Street  films are a rare kind of comedic magic, but having Johnson be your lead helps a lot.

The real weird thing is that for a show known to feature a lot of female characters both casting announcements are males. Did anyone tune into Baywatch to see the Hoff run in slow motion? I think not. 

Matthew Razak
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