Zach Braff launches Kickstarter for Wish I Was Here


OK, who had Zach Braff in the office pool for “Next Person to Launch A Kickstarter After Veronica Mars Did So Well?” Bob, was it you? I could have sworn someone put Zach Braff down. Well, whoever did you win the money because the actor/director has just launched his Kickstarter for Wish I Was Here, a movie a co-wrote with his brother. 

There’s the obligatory funny video and plenty of swag to get if you invest, plus the promise of a really awesome movie that you’re going to love about a father (played by Braff) who has to home school his kids and learns about himself in the process. If you’ve seen Garden State Braff says you’ve got the idea for tone and such. There will also be some pretty epic looking space fantasy sequences.. if Braff gets the $2 million he’s looking for.

Unlike the Veronica Mars movie this one doesn’t have any studio involvement (yet), so it’s truly an independent film, though we did receive an official press release about it. We’re once again seeing a movie maker who is “mainstream,” and could admittedly receive financing, fund his film through the fans. In the case of Braff, I don’t mind so much, but if Spielberg shows up on Kickstarter with a sob story I’m going to start calling shenanigans. 

Matthew Razak
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