Zack Snyder is giving fans the ‘Synder Cut’ as an HBO Max exclusive


I can’t believe this ridiculous saga is coming to an end, but news has just broken that director Zack Snyder will finally be releasing the fabled “Snyder Cut” of 2017’s Justice League. Fans online have been begging for this supposedly superior version for years and that pleading has paid off. There is a big caveat to this release, however: it will be exclusive to HBO’s streaming service, HBO Max.

I guess that monkey’s paw we keep wishing on had to shrivel up eventually. The news came from a virtual screening of Man of Steel today that Snyder participated in. During the live Q&A segment, he revealed the news and HBO was quick to share it on Twitter. Unless something horrible happens, the recut movie will be available to stream in 2021.

The reason fans have been clinging to this mythical edit is because of circumstances surrounding the original version’s release. Zack Snyder suffered a pretty devastating loss while filming Justice League that forced him to step down from the director’s chair. Joss Whedon then took up the reins to finish the movie, leading many to assume the lackluster final film was because of Hollywood tampering. I doubt this new version will be substantially better in any fashion, but at least fans will get what they want.

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