Zack Snyder may direct an Afghanistan war thriller


At this point, I’m fairly sure Zack Snyder exists to punish me for some sin in a past life. That, or just the usual “God’s all hatin’ on the Jew folk” we’ve been dealing with for a few thousand years. Anyway, Zack Snyder may be set to replace the original Girl with the Dragon Tattoo director Niels Arden Oplev on The Last Photograph, a film about a journalist and an American solider working together to save a kidnapping victim during the Afghanistan war. The picture was actually written by 300 writer Kurt Johnstad from an idea of Snyder’s some years ago. Rumor is that the film has Christian Bale and Sean Penn attached as the reporter and the solider, respectively. 

I’m not exactly one of Zack Snyder’s boosters, so this news doesn’t excite me so much as cause a rolling of the eyes. To be fair, perhaps what the man needs is a more grounded, emotional story, rather than an opportunity to hunt for panty shots Michael Bay-style. I will defend to the death my hatred for the man, but this could be an opportunity to turn my opinions.

[Via /Film]