Zack Snyder to direct Justice League movie


While we’ve known about Snyder’s involvement with Warner Bros’ Justice League team up movie for awhile (since Man of Steel‘s initial release), it’s finally been confirmed. You could say WB is putting all of their money on one horse since they want one man to direct both Batman vs. Superman (or whatever it’s going to be called) and a Justice League sequel, but it makes sense. Snyder probably has a vision for DC’s future, and they’re going to let him see it out. 

One other big piece of news is that this film and BvS are most likely going to film back to back with BvS releasing in 2016 and Justice League releasing in 2017 (we’ve known that for awhile too). I don’t know how to react to this stuff. Since all of this is so far away, I find myself caring very little. Talk to me again in two years after we’ve seen a trailer.

[via WSJ