Zombie virus spreads to Venezuela in trailer for Infection


Infection - Official Movie Trailer (2020)

It’s weird to be sitting in a position where I’m wondering if the latest zombie infection flick, a continuation of a trend that hasn’t really died since Night of the Living Dead, feels like it’s a bit too soon, a bit too close to current events for comfort. The second I saw someone coughing on a plane my only thought was “That’s way too real.” Is that me being an oversensitive baby? Absolutely. It’s just odd that zombies were becoming more a symbol of slapstick escapism than serious nitty-gritty horror but are now poised for a newly terrifying resurgence.

Obviously, pop culture’s obsession with pandemics and viruses in the vein of horror is nothing new, and when politics can even make a tongue-in-cheek retelling of The Most Dangerous Game change its release date, there’s no reason anyone shouldn’t get into Infection. It is just a movie after all, and if you do have that zombie itch this looks just grueling enough to scratch it. This is also a good reminder that Blood Quantum is still coming out, and you need to see it.

Infection will track a father as he rescues his son from an outbreak of a mutated rabies strain that ravages Venezuela and will infect DVD and VOD on April 14, 2020.

Kyle Yadlosky
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