Zombieland 2 is undead, gets new writer


Last we heard about a sequel to the 2009 film Zombieland, was about two years ago when the kibosh was effectively put on any sequel talk. Then last year talk had begun of a Zombieland TV series for Amazon’s Instant Video. But after the pilot failed to catch any steam, the series was dropped and that seemed like that was the last we were going to hear of Zombieland until now. 

Someone at Sony still wants this to happen, I guess. According to Deadline, they’ve hired Dave Callaham (who’s written, uh, the Doom movie and one of the many rewrites on Marvel’s Ant-Man) and Ruben Fleischer is returning to direct (although his deal isn’t set in stone yet). Best news, is Sony seems to be serious about getting it off the ground now. What do you all think? Want another Zombieland or are we over zombies already? We’ll keep you posted, of course.

[via Deadline]