Zombieland director joins Gangster Squad


Ruben Fleischer’s an up-and-coming director these days due to his success with 2009’s Zombieland and this year’s 30 Minutes or Less (though there has been considerably more controversy on the latter project). In a recent interview with Collider, he notes of his upcoming/past projects and talks about public reactions to 30 Minutes or Less.

Not willing to rest on his laurels, Fleischer is now working on The Gangster Squad, a period piece set in 1940’s-era Los Angeles. Fleischer notes that it will have “those classic, beautiful 1940’s cars and tommy guns and those classic gangster tropes.” I should hope so. Since Fleischer has certainly earned his keep as far as action films go, it shouldn’t be too big a stretch to envision what he could do with a gangster flick. Fleischer also notes how the film will not be without comedy, which is a fact I’m thankful for, since there’s nothing worse than an action film that takes itself too seriously.

The Gangster Squad stars Emma Stone, Ryan Gosling (is this a new Brangelina concoction I see a-brewing?), Josh Brolin, Sean Penn, Giovanni Ribisi, Michael Peña and Josh Pence. The gangster flick hits theaters in 2013.

[Via Collider]