Zombieland to possibly get TV show


It looks like quite the possibility that Zombieland will turn into a television series for CBS. The reason why it looks like it will become a possibility is because casting calls went out not too long ago for the main and minor characters.

Now there are potential spoilers within the script pages, but they might not indicative of what the plot of the show will turn out to be. However, I will not be spoiling anything because I’m not that kind of guy. Check out the source if you want the potential plot of the show to be spoiled for you.

So basically the television show will continue where the movie left off, and shall be expanding on the relationships and backgrounds of the four main characters. The show will also have some minor characters that might join the main characters, but have at least interacted with them in the past.

Honestly, I think this should be left alone. Zombieland was a great success while thankfully not gaining a sequel. It’ll be awkward not seeing the main cast from the film. That and there really does not need to be another zombie television series, the Walking Dead is more than enough.

[via io9]