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Tweet or comment to win a The Collection prize pack! photo
Tweet or comment to win a The Collection prize pack!
by Liz Rugg

[This contest is now OVER! Congrats to our winner TehAnt1the1s1s!]

Hey ladies and gents! Today we have a special giveaway of a prize-pack for the Saw franchise's blood brother The Collection. All you have to do is retweet this tweet or comment below with the weirdest thing that you collect. (I'm hoping that none of our readers are serial killers...)

Winners will win a The Collection prize-pack which includes: a signed DVD of The Collector, a signed one-sheet of The Collection, an official The Collection T-shirt, a The Collection branded beer cup and The Collection branded severed gummy fingers! All the signed prizes will be signed by Marcus Dunstan (writer/director), Patrick Melton (writer) and Josh Stewart (star).

As per usual, this contest is available to the continental United States only (sorry...) and the contest will be over on Saturday, December 8th! Good luck! More information about the movie can be found on The Collection's twitter at @Collectionfilm or on their Facebook page.

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2:00 PM on 11.30.2012

Nihonjinron: J-Horror

[Flixist community member dj-anon just keeps churning out these sweet essays about Japanese cinema and culture, if you haven't taken a glance at his look at the Japanese Horror genre, you should!] Part 9: The Art of Fear The...


Tweet to win Robbie from Silent Hill: Revelation 3D! photo
Tweet to win Robbie from Silent Hill: Revelation 3D!
by Liz Rugg

[This contest is now over! Congratulations to our winner! Keep an eye out for more contests!]

Hello fair citizens of Flixist! Today we bring you a pretty special contest, one in which you need Twitter to enter. Yes, I know, but if you don't have a twitter account it's pretty easy to make one, and then you could follow your favorite Flixist editors for more of our inane babble about movies, current events and also probably buttocks.

This Halloween, Silent Hill: Revelation 3D (3D!) will come barreling into theaters, and we're giving you a chance to enter to win three stuffed animal versions of Robbie - the disturbing carnival rabbit that I assume is very creepy and deadly. One lucky winner will receive one large Robbie the Rabbit and two small Robbies. You know, so you can use them as a Halloween costume or party favors or something. All you have to do to enter to win is log on to your twitter account and retweet this tweet right here that says: "RT for a chance to win a stuffed Robbie the Rabbit from @Flixist! #WelcomeToSilentHill"

You can check out some pictures of the Robbie stuffed animals below, and click here for a special video about Robbie the Rabbit in Silent Hill: Revelation 3D! As usual, contest only available to the continental United States and will be over on Tuesday, October 30th! Get those tweets out before it's too late!

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Enter to win a copy of Iron Sky! photo
Enter to win a copy of Iron Sky!
by Liz Rugg

[This contest is now over! Congrats to our winner SirCacophony!]

Hey everyone! We have the opportunity for you to enter to win a free copy of Iron Sky -- everyone's favorite Space Nazi movie -- on either DVD or Blu-ray and a free Iron Sky frisbee! I'm hoping that the frisbee is in the shape of a Nazi UFO, but even if it isn't, you could still make UFO sound effects when you throw it.

All you have to do to enter is comment on this story below with your favorite Nazi mashup ideas (other than Space Nazis of course). Is it Fashion Nazis? Soup Nazis? Or even Surf Nazis? Let us know in the comments for your chance to win! Continental US only and this contest ends October 14th!

For more on Iron Sky, check out here or here!

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4:00 PM on 09.28.2012

Bloggers Wanted: Speaking My Language

[September is almost over! Hurry up and write your community blogs about subtitles for a chance to be featured on our front page!] Subtitles. They're kind of a contested thing. Some people hate them, some people love them, an...

Liz Rugg

LA Friends: See Sinister with us and Geekscape! photo
LA Friends: See Sinister with us and Geekscape!
by Alex Katz

[Update: We got upgraded to a larger house! There are less than forty tickets left, and the screening is in one week!]

Hey, fellow Los Angeles denizens! Remember that time we went to see The FP together with Jonathan London from Geekscape, and it was totally awesome? Good news! We're hosting another screening with Geekscape, thanks to the folks at Tugg, this time for SXSW horror darling Sinister (check out Allistair's review!). As with all Tugg screenings, the rules are that we need to meet a certain threshold of tickets sold for the screening to happen, and that magic number is sixty-one! That's right, if we get sixty-one RSVPs, the screening happens! Even cooler, if the screening happens, every attendee will receive a special limited edition poster for the film! We'll also have the director of the film, Scott Derrickson, and the producer, Jason Blum, in attendance for a Q&A after the film! 

The screening is happening Monday, September 24th at 7:30 at the Rave 18. We've got only twenty-four days to make sixty-one RSVPs. To buy tickets, head over to the event's page and click Reserve your Tickets. We've also got some other surprises lining up for you that we'll reveal as we get closer to the date. This is one you're not going to want to miss!

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2:00 PM on 09.07.2012

Best/Worst Summer 2012: I've Got a Head in My Bag

[Community member Cacophony did an awesome job recapping his thoughts of Summer 2012 movies on his community blog, and as a result, here it is on the front page for everyone to see! Great job Cacophony! You can get a chance...


3:00 PM on 08.31.2012

Bloggers Wanted: Best/Worst of Summer 2012

[Reminder! Last chance to tell us what you thought about 2012's summer movies. Awesome blogs will be featured on the front page!] Sad to say it, but with August comes the eventual ending of Summer. People will be going back t...

Liz Rugg

Enter to win an Iron Sky prize pack! photo
Enter to win an Iron Sky prize pack!
by Liz Rugg

[This contest is now closed! Congrats to our winner - G K! Thanks for reading and look out for more contests soon! -Liz Rugg]

Hey there! Do you like Space Nazis? 'Course you do! Who doesn't like malicious groups of Nazis who plot to terrorize the Earth from the dark side of the moon? Well, now you can be entered to win some bonafide Space Nazi swag. All you have to do is comment on this story with the next location that you think that Nazis should create their base for a chance to win the following: an Iron Sky Flying Saucer frisbee, an Iron Sky Mousepad and Pen, and an Iron Sky Official T-Shirt.

There will be two (yes, two!) winners in this contest and each will receive a prize pack, so get in your entry today! Offer Continental US only, and the contest ends Sunday, August 19th! You can also check out more about Iron Sky on the movie's Facebook and website.

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1:00 PM on 07.18.2012

The Flixist Batcast #12: The Dark Knight

[For the past several months, in the run up to The Dark Knight Rises, community member and Team Hobbit Sucks Brave Rules captain Xzyliac has been running a podcast recording commentary tracks for each Batfilm(all of which you...


6:00 PM on 07.16.2012

Listen to all of the Flixist Batcasts in time for DKR!

Man, The Dark Knight Rises comes out this Friday. It's hard to believe it's been four years since The Dark Knight. This is an exciting time for a Batfan. As such, I want to point you towards a podcast that's been going o...

Alex Katz

4:00 PM on 06.11.2012

Bloggers Wanted: Summer Movies

[I've decided to be "generous" and give you all until the end of this week to write up your Summatime blogs! Hurry up and enter!] Yay! It's Summertime! Hot days, short shorts, no school, and plenty of time to watch movies. Fo...

Liz Rugg

3:00 PM on 06.11.2012

Breakups: Nick Valdez vs. The World

[In this month's Bloggers Wanted Response, Nick Valdez tells us an inspiring story of love, loss, and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. Check out this month's Bloggers Wanted Assignment for your chance to get a blog on the front p...

Nick Valdez

11:00 AM on 05.11.2012

Flixist now has a chat bar! Tell us about your day.

The migration to our new editing software gave us a special treat, and we didn't even notice. What's this new feature that has literally been sitting quietly in the corner? Why, a chat feature, of course! That's right: now yo...

Jenika Katz

Humanimals: Paulie photo
Humanimals: Paulie
by Nick Valdez

[It's time once again for our monthly Nick Valdez blog promotion! Just kidding, you're awesome Nick. But seriously guys, if you want to be on Flixist's front page, it's pretty easy! All you've got to do is write a blog about whatever our monthly topic happens to be. Yes, it's that simple! This month, Nick Valdez expounds the virtues of Paulie, the talking bird.]

When I think of the word "humanimals" my first thoughts involve whether or not the subject is going to awaken something in me, and the Michigan rag. I used to be afraid of films that featured human-esque animals. I'd always figured that I would end up as insane as the gentlemen in the "One Froggy Evening" cartoon. I wasn't always sure if I could deal with ethical repercussions that would come from animals that could speak English.

What if I was hungry and wanted to eat it? Would the animal proceed to guilt trip me? Possibly. Would a koala bear be smarter than I was? Most likely.

Paulie helped to relieve me of my "anti-humanimal" ailment all those years ago. After I re-watched it, I wondered if it would have the same effect on me. I was sadly mistaken. It made it worse.

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DC Friends: Win passes to a screening of Safe photo
DC Friends: Win passes to a screening of Safe
by Matthew Razak

We've got another set of passes for you fine folks in the Washington DC area. This time around we have tickets to the new Jason Statham action flick Safe. If you're a fan of Statham protecting people other people, which is pretty much the entire Transporter series, then you'll probably dig this one too. We've got 25 pairs of tickets to the screening to give away through Gofobo.com.

Below is all the information about the Wednesday, April 25th screening including a code that you put in over at Gofobo.com. Once you make an account and toss that sucker in, and assuming all the passes aren't gone, you'll get two admit-one passes for the screening. Then you'll be most of the way to seeing Statham kick some ass.

The rest of the way is really up to you. You'll need to get there earlier to make sure you get seats.

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LA friends: Join us for a screening of The FP! photo
LA friends: Join us for a screening of The FP!
by Alex Katz

My friend Jonathan London over at Geekscape and I hatched a plan: host a screening of The FP, the Citizen Kane of "wait, what the f**k did I just watch?" right here in our home of Los Angeles. Thankfully, our friends at Tugg are there to make this a reality. On April 26th, at the AMC Citywalk Stadium 19, we'll be screening The FP, and we want YOU to be there! Just RSVP over at our event page at Tugg. We'll need a total of 50 RSVPs to get this event off the ground, but I have to warn you. The last time Geekscape ran one of these, it sold out completely, so make sure you get your RSVP early! Tickets are only $9! Nine bucks for a movie in LA, especially at CityWalk, is basically something that never happens, so get ON this action!

As a special treat, we've got a Q&A with filmmaker/star Jason Trost after the film, and a mad-real dance contest with prizes!

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12:00 PM on 04.09.2012

The Award Goes to ... Winnie the Pooh

[For last month's Blogger's Wanted, Andrew Kauz (RIP) asked the Flixist community to respond to this year's award shows by giving an award of their own. Nick Valdez chose to award one of the most overlooked movies of 2011; Wi...

Nick Valdez

6:00 PM on 04.02.2012

Bloggers Wanted: Humanimals

For my first Bloggers Wanted call as the new Community Manager, I'm going to go with a topic that hits close to my heart. Humanimals. What is a Humanimal, you ask? well, it's basically any combination of humans and animals, w...

Liz Rugg

Drive: Surfing the surface of the 'superhero' genre photo
Drive: Surfing the surface of the 'superhero' genre
by Nathsies

[Sometimes, when people write awesome stuff on our community blogs, we promote them to the front page! Here is a great example of a well thought out, well executed blog about Drive by our own community member Nathsies. Show us your skills in the blogs and maybe one day your name will be in the bright lights of the front page too!]

Spoilers for everything I mention.

“So Drive was essentially an allegory of a superhero in the making. He became a superhero at the end of the movie and that’s why it’s a happy ending.”- Nicolas Winding Refn[1]

I had the absolute privilege of watching Drive last weekend and it hasn’t disappeared from my mind ever since. There are few times when I am compelled to watch a movie again just after watching it. Drive now joins the ranks of 2001 and Blade Runner in my own little book. Except, Drive is not a science-fiction escapade nor a neo-noir investigation into immortal philosophical quandaries. I do believe it does address many humanistic issues, but its metaphysical ideas never truly become the delivering punch of the movie. My belief, behind Drive, is that it is simultaneously a feature about becoming a real human being through evolution into superherodom. In short, it’s a film that’s about Charles Darwin.

Not literally, of course, that would be silly. What I do mean to say however is that Drive‘s approach to the ‘superhero’ genre is one that is so scarily innovative that it has me wondering if the ‘comic book’ archetype superhero can really last. For Drive, the next step in human evolution is the superhero. To get closer to our humanity, we must save it. What do I mean by all of this?

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Flixist X Dtoid to host a post-PAX East viewing of The FP photo
Flixist X Dtoid to host a post-PAX East viewing of The FP
by Matthew Razak

[UPDATE: We still need 72 more RSVPs for this event to happen. If you know anyone in the Boston area that either lives there or is going to PAX East, let them know about this! It's going to be an awesome night!]

We are big fans of the soon-to-be cult classic The FP. It's so good we've gone ahead and teamed up with Destructoid and the guys at Tugg to present a screening of the film after PAX East. On Sunday, April 8 at 8 p.m. we'll be screening the film at the Boston Common 19 in... Boston. After the screening myself, Andres Bolivar and Destructoid's Jonathan Holmes will discuss the film and basically have a good time with everyone. It's the perfect way to round off your weekend of fun.

Now in order for the screening to go off we need to pull in 100 viewers. Tickets are only $9 a head so grab your friends and pick up a few to enjoy an awesome night watching the only movie about a dystopian future where conflicts are settled via (not) DDR. It's basically the coolest thing ever and if you don't believe me check out Alex's review.

To get tickets just head here and procure. Hope I get to see you there!

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Important Announcement Regarding the Flixist Community! photo
Important Announcement Regarding the Flixist Community!
by Liz Rugg

Hello and Hi.

I'm Liz Rugg, most of you may remember me from such great hits as The Front Page and Flixist Staff. Some of you, however, may remember me in my early days, when I was once a humble community blogger such as yourselves. I think most of my community posts got lost in The Great Mammoth Migration of 2011, but they were there, in their own naive, insular way.

Then somewhere along the line I got hired to write for the site for real, and I basically exploded with joy, excitement and d*ck jokes. Writing for Flixist has been an absolute blast, everybody on staff is fantastic but more importantly, our community is really kind of phenomenal.

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