First full trailer for Insidious: Chapter 3

10:00 AM on 03.18.2015

First trailer for Skin Trade starring Dolph Lundgren and Tony Jaa

6:00 PM on 03.16.2015

First official trailer for Poltergeist

11:30 AM on 02.05.2015

Paramount reveals new horror movie release slate
Rings? RINGS
11:00 AM on 01.28.2015

Review: The Boy Next Door
So close to camp and yet so far
11:00 AM on 01.23.2015

Nick's Top 15 Movies of 2014
I have seen 107 films released in 2014. Here are 15 of the best ones
3:00 PM on 01.16.2015

Review: Blackhat
Like a bad thriller trying to be a Michael Mann film
8:00 AM on 01.16.2015

Review: Taken 3
Bryan Mills is back for the last time probably!
8:00 PM on 01.10.2015

NYKFF Review: A Hard Day
A hard day indeed
2:00 PM on 11.20.2014

Insidious: Chapter 3 and The Conjuring 2 get new release dates

4:00 PM on 11.12.2014

Review: Open Windows
You'll never want to use your computer again
2:00 PM on 11.07.2014

Review: Nightcrawler
Crawling in my skin
3:00 PM on 10.31.2014

See Before I Go to Sleep early and free
Washington DC screening
3:00 PM on 10.27.2014

Review: A Walk Among the Tombstones
The darker side of Neeson
9:00 AM on 09.19.2014

Review: The Guest
Welcome in my home
8:00 AM on 09.17.2014

First trailer for John Wick starring Keanu Reeves and a puppy
"I'm the bomb and about to blow up."
12:00 PM on 09.15.2014

Review: The Drop
The role of a lifetime in the wrong film
11:00 AM on 09.12.2014

Trailer for The Boy Next Door starring...Jennifer Lopez?
Jenny should've stayed in the block.
10:00 AM on 09.09.2014

First trailer for Rosewater, directed by Jon Stewart

10:00 AM on 08.29.2014

Trailer: Foxcatcher

5:00 PM on 08.28.2014

Review: The November Man
Boring in any month
1:00 PM on 08.28.2014

Trailer for Whiplash starring Miles Teller and J.K. Simmons

4:00 PM on 08.27.2014