3 Days to Kill has Kevin Costner kick butt

3 DAYS TO KILL Official HD Trailer Premiere With Kevin Costner

Looks like Kevin Costner is trying to pull a Liam Neeson with this one and catapult himself into the older action hero genre with 3 Days to Kill. While comparisons to Taken are pretty damn easy to make here considering the whole daughter/father the trailer reminds me more of the outlandish action of Crank or The Transporter films. Costner definitely looks comfortable kicking some butt and you can’t go wrong with Amber Heard in skin tight clothing kicking butt as well.

The worry spot? The film is directed by McG, who hasn’t really nailed any action since the first Charlie’s Angels and last delivered us the mediocre This Means War. The guy can pull off outlandish action, so hopefully this his return to form. 

The film, which will land February 21, also released a new poster that you can check out below. Marvel in its cliche. 

Matthew Razak
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