35mm film for The Amazing Spider-Man 2


So who needs digital film anymore? Apparently not The Amazing Spider-Man 2 director Marc Webb because he tweeted this: Day 1. #anamorphic #film #philthecameraoperator pic.twitter.com/zuuiY5tv. It shows, apparently, the camera operator who might be named Phil and him using a 35mm camera. A note to those who haven’t seen the first film, it was done digitally.

A big question here is why the sudden shift from digital to 35mm? The sequel is supposed to be in 3D which means they will have to do post-converting to 3D anyway. So why make it more difficult and costly in post-production?

I mean, I like the look of 35mm film over digital. But I can most certainly admit that digital is easier to manipulate in editing, post-production, etc. Who knows until we see this some out on May 2, 2014.

[via Slash Film]