A Borderlands movie adaptation is happening with Eli Roth


There are many video games out there that deserve an adaptation. Bioshock was long expected, as is the upcoming Halo TV series, but Borderlands is not the franchise you may have expected to be next on the list.

Eli Roth has teamed with Lionsgate and is now set to direct the upcoming Borderlands movie. Regarding the project Roth said:

“I’m so excited to dive into the world of Borderlands, and I could not be doing it with a better script, producing team and studio. I have a long, successful history with Lionsgate — I feel like we have grown up together and that everything in my directing career has led to a project of this scale and ambition,”

Craig Mazin, of recent Chernobyl fame, is writing the script for the upcoming film. There is no word on if the plot will be adapted from one of the series’ plots or it will be an original story based in that world. Lionsgate seems to have faith in the project stating that they believe that between Roth and Mazin they “have cracked the code on bringing the anarchic world of Borderlands to the big screen in a big way that will be a fresh, compelling and cinematic event for moviegoers and fans of the game”.

The recent success of Sonic the Hedgehog has shown that video game adaptations can rake in some money and be good if they are in the right creative hands. It also helps if they don’t look like a nightmare squirrel wrapped in a fever dream with teeth.

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