A Quiet Place Part II will tentatively release in September 2021


The near daily news of film delays is starting to remind me of that Oprah meme. You get a delay! And you get a delay! And you get a delay! With No Time To Die having set the precedent, it seems every studio under the sun is ready to push things back for the safety of film goers. Just last night, Paramount announced that A Quiet Place Part II would be missing its previously scheduled April 2021 release and will now release on September 17, 2021. That’s a tremendous delay from its original early 2020 date.

If you remember from last year, director John Krasinski along with Paramount decided to delay the release of the film at the last minute just as the coronavirus pandemic was starting to take hold across the world. A film about an apocalypse clearly wouldn’t have landed correctly during a pandemic, so the team put A Quiet Place Part II on indefinite hold until it could better parse the situation. That led to the April 2021 date as previously mentioned, which is now going out the window too.

The biggest reason for the delay this time is not just No Time To Die, but that COVID-19 cases are still rising. Coupled with the fact that around 65% of theaters across the nation remain closed to the public and it’s not like any film would do well at the box-office. Paramount isn’t afraid of putting films on streaming services and with Paramount+ launching in March, it seems likely this will be the last delay for A Quiet Place. If things don’t improve, I’d expect to see it premiere online.

Source: Variety

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