A Walking Dead musical is actually being worked on


During the panel for the new, as of now untitled, The Walking Dead series at NYCC the producers were chatting about how the series will be different from the original series and what is going to happen in it. The producers we’re discussing that a moment in the new series was being referred to as “Moana’s Reef” in that it was something that the characters in the show had to contend with and there was no turning back once it was done. That lead to a joke, of course, about a Walking Dead musical. Well, it started as a joke.

Scott M. Gimple, the Chief Content Officer for the entire Walking Dead Universe seemed to be dead serious when he said, “We get asked that all the time. And, we’re working on it. I’m not joking, it’s something we’re actually working on.”

Who knows how they’ell actually pull that off, but it is somewhat of a tradition for long running shows to figure out a way to do a musical version of themselves. Maybe it’s a dream sequence or maybe it’s an entire spin-off movie, but it sounds like they’re scratching their heads on how to do it. Musical episodes can be a ton of fun and given the expanding nature of The Walking Dead Universe why the hell not. 

Matthew Razak
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