Adult Swim greenlights films for Aqua Teen, Venture Bros, Metalocalypse


It’s a crying shame that some of Adult Swim’s most popular shows have never received proper finales. The likes of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, The Venture Bros., and Metalocalypse were instrumental in cementing the network as a brand worth paying attention to, but business got in the way of giving fans the closure they wanted. It seems something has changed, though, at least according to new Tweets from Adult Swim.

Earlier today, Adult Swim Tweeted out what could be mistaken for jokes about greenlighting new movies for all three of the aforementioned series. It was certainly hard to believe, but then Metalocalypse series creator Brendon Small chimed in to say, “I confirm this information.” That’s about as official as it’s going to get, I suppose.

What this means is that after years of doubt and mystery, we’ll finally be getting the proper send-off for each program. That’s really all any fan could ask for, even if the finale ends up being garbage. The last we saw of Metalocalypse was in late 2013 with The Doomstar Requiem, a rock opera that was setting up something grand. The Venture Bros. was canceled late last year and Aqua Teen has been on life support for a while. Finally letting these things go is good news.

Source: Twitter

Peter Glagowski
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