After the Credits: Canada Day


Here at Flixist, we have no Canadiens, nor do we have Canadians. I would prefer the former because hockey is awesome and misspelling things is funny. But then again, the former is French, so. Anyway, today is Canada Day, which celebrates hockey or something. So, happy Hockey Day!

America Day is in a couple of days here, so if you have something awesome to say about Independence Day, now’s a good time to write that up. Praise Jeff Goldblum’s performance. Praise…whatever else there is to praise about the movie. Put it in the blogs and we’ll agree with you. I promise.

I’ll probably be drunk and sleepy Monday night, so until Wednesday! Be safe and don’t start anyone on fire who you like.

Review: Larry Crowne

Weekend Watchlist: Robots and explosions

Diablo Cody’s directorial debut coming
Party Down movie may happen, I may die
Rumored Prometheus synopsis is…I don’t even know
The Wolverine is shooting this October, releasing in 2012
Michael Bay’s next movie not to explode
Monty Python together again for Graham Chapman “biopic”
MoviePass offers $50/month for unlimited movie tickets
Here comes the 2011 New York Asian Film Festival!
Final Destination 5 3D poster in 2D
Thor 2 is out in 2013 without Kenneth Branagh
Conan pics aren’t as cool as Khal Drogo
Disney to make a movie out of the Matterhorn
Bond 23 to feature Great Wall of China chase?
Francis Ford Coppola to show off Twixt at Comic-Con
MoviePass gets kicked in the balls, cancels service
Drew Barrymore to direct & produce Heist Society
Crazy 4 Cult: Cult Movie Art book
Further proof of Brave’s superiority in pictorial form
Pirates 4 about to become the 8th film to earn $1 billion
Prometheus, now with 100% more Ben Foster
Garth Ennis to debut his movie Stiched at SDCC
Thor sequel hires FF2: Rise of the Silver Surfer scribe

Trailers and Video:
New Harry Potter featurette explains Horcruxes
Tinker Tailor Teaser Trailer
See how to rob a goblin in this Harry Potter featurette
Captain America TV Spot holds an important reveal
Flix for Short: Plot Device
Trailer: The Captains