After the Credits: Taking my one day off


On Friday, we finished our coverage of the New York Asian and Japan Cuts Film Festivals. It’s been a crazy month, made even crazier by the fact that we won’t let it end: Tomorrow we kick off our coverage of the Fantasia International Film Festival (which has already been going on for over a week up there in Montreal). By the time you read this, I’ll have already started watching films and slating reviews.

My new Saturday morning routine is to make the video to would normally be put above these paragraphs, but this week I decided to just enjoy my one day off. If you feel an urgent desire to watch me say things, you should watch the video Hubert and I did alongside our NYAFF/Japan Cuts roundup. Hell, you should watch that video anyway. 

And once you’ve watched that, you should read all of the awesome stuff we posted this week. There was a lot of it, and it can be found below.

[This week’s film is Vertigo. And this lovely photo of a sleeping Red Panda was taken by Andrew Tallon.]

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