After the Credits: Weekly Film Club Edition


This summer, I’ve been trying to keep up a weekly film club. This consists of me telling people that they have to watch a particular movie, and then at the end of the week we discuss it. And every week is something radically different than the week before. Two weeks ago we watched Buster Keaton’s The General. Last week was the 1977 masterpiece House (Hausu). This week? Crank.

Just because, I’m going to update y’all with the week’s assignment in case you’d like to follow along. Because it’s personally curated by me, you know it’s going to be awesome. 

You know what else is awesome? Flixist. This week, we wrote a bunch of things about various stuff. If you missed it and don’t feel like taking advantage of the site’s fancy infinite scroll feature, that’s fine. I’ve compiled all of the important things here for you.


Some Like It Hot: Amy Adams

Has Superman lost his soul?

Flixistentialism 20 – I Know What Nick Did This Summer


Enter to win Stoker on Blu-Ray!

What the heck is this?


Bert and Arnie’s Guide to Friendship


The Bling Ring

World War Z

High Tech, Low Life

Human Rights Watch Film Festival Reviews

Camp 14 – Total Control Zone

Fatal Assistance


Robert Downey Jr. signs deal for The Avengers 2 & 3

James Gandolfini dead at age 51

Rumor: Star Wars Episode VII character details

Netflix Now: Kim Kardashian and Her Baby Yeezus Edition

Bioshock director Ken Levine writing Logan’s Run remake

Prometheus sequel is certainly happening, nabs new writer