Broadway’s Aladdin could be heading to Disney+


First, Hamilton leaped from the stage to the screen on Disney+, and now another amazing broadway show may be doing the same. According to reports from Filmed on Stage, the broadway production of Aladdin is on its way to Disney+. Filmed last year in London before ending its run, this would be similar to Hamilton in that it will give broadway fans a chance to experience the show from the comfort of homes during the quarantine.

According to this same source, Aladdin was originally supposed to hit Disney’s streaming service before Hamilton. The hit political musical was slated for an October 2021 date but was quickly pushed up to capitalize on the self-isolation situation. Could this be the new “normal” where Broadway Musicals are now streamed instead of watched in-person?

COVID-19 has changed the entertainment industry immensely in the past few months. With movie theaters and Broadway shut down, for the time being, streaming sites are trying to fill the void. Hamilton certainly did well on Disney+, so I say why not? It’s a way for audiences to see the content while still staying at home.

I honestly was caught off guard when Hamilton was announced as heading to Disney’s streaming service. As a theatergoer who misses the in-person experience, the stream filled some of that void. Nothing will replace the in-person experience, of course, but I’ll welcome any productions Disney can offer until it is safe to return.

Hopefully, if Aladdin does indeed make its way to the platform, Frozen will follow next! If you haven’t watched Hamilton yet, check out Jesse Lab’s review.

Disney Broadway’s ‘Aladdin’ Reportedly Coming to Disney+ []

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