Alfre Woodward cast in Netflix’s Luke Cage


As we all saw with Daredevil Netflix is not holding back with their Marvel series. They’re grabbing great actors to push these properties forward. Next up is Jessica Jones, which will also introduce the character of Luke Cage (Mike Colter). Then Mr. Cage gets his own show (in which Jessica Jones will play a part), which brings us to the casting of Alfre Woodward.

Woodward will play, “Minetta, a powerful woman in local politics who will have an impact on Luke Cage’s life.” That’s not anything we can really work with, but Deadline is reporting that she may actually be the character Black Mariah. She’s a drug dealer and does some other criminal things. That would make sense as the Netflix Marvel shows are far more down to earth than the films.

Even more interesting is the fact that Black Mariah is also an Iron Fist villain. Iron Fist is the fourth (or third if you count Jones/Cage as a single unit) Netflix show supposedly in the works. The weird thing is we haven’t heard anything about that at all despite the fact that Daredevil is already working on its second season. Maybe this gives us a hint as to where that show will go… or even start.

Matthew Razak
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