Alison Brie goes to unexpected places in trailer for Horse Girl


Netflix has dropped a trailer for their new, original movie Horse Girl. It’s described as a “darkly humorous psychological thriller.” The film stars the lovely Alison Brie, who you may know from GLOW or Community

Horse Girl | Official Trailer | Netflix

At first glance, this looks like a Hallmark Channel Original Movie about a girl that loves horses and is just trying to find her way in the world. As the trailer progresses, the facade quickly falls away. This is a story about a woman experiencing psychological trauma. She doesn’t seem to know what is real and what is not. She even suspects that alien abductions may be real. It seems that her grandmother experienced something similar when she was her age.

The film also stars Molly Shannon, who is one of the great comedy actresses of our age. Though it doesn’t look like her role is particularly funny here. I’m always happy to see her get more work. 

Overall, the film has my attention. Only time will tell if the story can live up to the trailer’s promise.

Horse Girl streams on Netflix on February 7, 2020.