Altered Carbon’s second season gets a sleek new trailer

Altered Carbon Season 2 | Teaser | Netflix

Following the announcement of its return at the end of the month, Netflix has released a new look at season two of Altered Carbon, the cyberpunk-tinged romp based on Richard K Morgan’s novel of the same name, and the subsequent intergalactic adventures of special ops soldier Takeshi Kovacs.

Altered Carbon‘s future is one in which the code of human consciousness has been cracked, allowing for the uploading and downloading (“resleeving”) of the mind into various bodies. A casting director’s dream come true! It’s because of this that it is perfectly acceptable for Anthony “Captain America” Mackie to be taking over the role of mercenary investigator Takeshi Kovacs from season one’s Joel Kinnaman. It’s as commonplace as changing one cool cyberpunk jacket for another!

As a reminder, Netflix is also cooking up an animated film set in the world of Altered Carbon, alongside several other franchise adaptations. 

With an expansion on the interstellar side of this world and a story linked closer to Kovacs’ past, season two of Altered Carbon looks to be a solid fix for sci-fi aficionados when it premieres on Netflix later this month, February 27.