Amazing Spider-Man spoilers spoil spoilers


Spoilers turn up in the darndest of places sometimes. Take The Amazing Spiderman for instance. Recently, some packaging shots for Mega Blocks sets based on the movie leaked out. It’s the general Mega Blocks fare, until you realize that (gasp!) these are taken directly from the movie. I’m not about to spoil what’s going on in these not-quite-Lego sets, but if you were to visit this link, you’d be able to get a good look at them. Let’s just say that previous rumors about the climax of the movie have been confirmed. 

Why toy makers don’t hide this stuff better is beyond me. Don’t they realize that nerds around the world are eagerly anticipating this flick? Or is it intentional, and all toy marketers are trolls? Oh my god, I think I figured it out. Toy marketers are the bullies and jocks in high school that we nerds strived to avoid. I need to go spread the word, this is big news.

[via Coming Soon]