An English Haunting trailer brings some jolly good scares to tea time


An English Haunting (2020) Official Trailer [HD]

To be totally honest, the slow-burn British ghost story both in literature and film often does very little for me. Not to say that there aren’t some exceptions (though I’m failing to think of any), but by and large it’s a coin toss on whether or not I fall asleep to these crawling bits of dread. I appreciate them (which I’m only saying to sound smart and respectable), but I can only take so much of people turning dramatically in moodily lit mansions and covering their mouths when a curtain moves on its own.

How thrilled I am, then, to report that it looks like stuff might actually happen in An English Haunting. It definitely evokes the mood of your traditional British ghost film with its setting planted in a quaint 1960’s countryside complete with mysterious old manor. Blake Cunningham (a brilliantly British moniker) has arrived with his alcoholic mother to take care of his dying grandfather who lives in the attic (of course). Soon, he starts seeing predictable bits and bobs like figures standing in the distance, apparitions flitting past windows, and a rocking chair moving on its own. Snore.

Then, bam! The Toxic Avenger in a vest and tie is busting through a door, and a pair of scissors are doing the ol’ blood stab. Hopefully this will be able to capture a more palatable blend between the subtle and the explicit. We’ll find out soon enough as An English Haunting spooks DVD and VOD on April 10, 2020.

Kyle Yadlosky
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