Andrew Garfield, Marc Webb coming back for Spider-Man 2


For a while there, Marc Webb sounded like he wasn’t going to return to direct the sequel to The Just Okay Maybe Good Spider-Man released earlier this year due to “obstacles.” Mainly that Webb owed 20th Century Fox at least one more movie, but Columbia had scheduled Spider-Man 5 for a 2014 release. Apparently all of that was cleared up well since Webb is now confirmed to be coming back along with Andrew Garfield (since Garfield also likes money). 

Unfortunately Spider-Man 4: Rise of the Planet of the Spider Hipster Nerds didn’t perform entirely well when it first released, but I assume it eventually made money further down the line. I thought it was okay and wouldn’t mind seeing more. Especially since Webb can now go into all of that “Where are my parents?” stuff from the first film that got left on the cutting room floor. Oh yeah, Emma Stone’s coming back also (because money and it’s freakin’ Emma Stone!) and she’s gone on record saying that she wants to share Gwen Stacey’s fate in the comics…so we’ll see what comes out of that. 

[via Collider]