Apple expected to launch their streaming service in April


Tech companies want in on the entertainment industry, and Apple is emerging as the latest challenger. According to reports, the house that built the iPhone has been whispering to entertainment companies that its subscription service will be ready for launch by mid-April at the earliest.

This would be an update to the existing TV app on Apple TV and iOS devices. Additionally, the app would also allow Apple device users to subscribe to other services such as HBO Go. As of now, the TV app notifies users when movies and new television episodes are available on those other platforms before redirecting them.

Disney is reported to be showing their Disney+ streaming service to investors and stockholders on April 11, so Apple straight up launching their own is quite the power move. There isn’t any word on what such a service would cost—hopefully not too much, seeing how much people have shelled for these Apple devices already. There also hasn’t been too much public hullabaloo about what original content Apple will provide, but reports have indicated that the company is series.

For one, Apple made a bid for the James Bond film series when the distribution rights were up for grabs (they ultimately lost to Universal). Apple is also producing a reboot of Amazing Stories, which Bryan Fuller was once attached to before leaving (and he usually does with projects). M. Night Shyamalan, who recently came out with Glass, is due to produce a thriller series for Apple.

The number of streaming services is tiring, and so is the number of articles we have to write about how tiring it is.

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