Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Black Sands becomes Black Sunday


Arnold is looking to revive his acting career in any way he can, it seems, as he’s taking on the most random roles ever. I mean, if Arnold is desperate for roles, you know the economy’s in trouble. Last we heard he was starring in the film The Last Stand, where Arnold was to take on the role of a small town sheriff trying to capture a drug kingpin on his way to Mexico, or something. Then there’s The Expendables 2, the first of which can’t possibly deserve enough merit to warrant a sequel.

Now there’s Black Sands, which has just been renamed to Black Sunday and will receive a decidedly supernatural twist. Originally about “a loner who wages war against a ruthless weapons manufacturer and his private army in the Southwest,” Arnold is now quoted as saying that his character is a “kind of angel. I cannot currently say more about this film.” What? Huh? Collider suggests a cross between Commando and Constantine, but I think it’s closer to a cross between MicMacs and First Blood. Either way, it’s sure to entertain, because Arnold.

Filming for Black Sunday begins April Fool’s Day of next year. Not sure what the significance of that is, but The Expendables 2 will come out in the Summer and The Last Stand will open January 18, 2013.

[Via Collider]