Become hypnotized with these two new posters for Trance


A couple of new UK posters have been released for Danny Boyle’s upcoming mind bending art heist flick Trance. Aside from the fact that Rosario Dawson is mesmerizing all on her own, the posters themselves are designed to be a bit hypnotic in their own right. If you missed it from earlier in the month, you can catch the trailer here and check out the psychological thrill-ride we’re all in store for. I’m a fan of pretty much everyone involved here, so the sooner this hits the shores of the good ole’ U. S. of A. the better.

You can take a peak at the posters down below, but don’t stare too long. We don’t need any of those repressed memories to find their way to the surface, now do we?

[Yahoo! UK via First Showing]