Ben Affleck-penned Batman film greenlit for production


Everything isn’t all rose petals in the DC/Warner Bros. camp right now. Despite Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice amassing over $400 million in its first week, the critical reviews of the film have definitely hurt box office returns, which are expected to add up to a negative box office record for sharpest decline from a week-to-week standpoint. The Powers That Be are feeling the pressure, which have resulted in the rumored re-shoots for Suicide Squad to add more levity to a film that, somehow, lacked much of it (if the aforementioned rumors are indeed true).

Then, of course, came word that Ben Affleck himself has already written a script for a solo Batman film with help from longtime DC writer, Geoff Johns. While he hasn’t written many scripts through his career, Affleck has strong writing credentials, co-writing Gone Baby Gone, The Town, Good Will Hunting, and the upcoming Live By Night.

Now, it appears that WB/DC may slowly be realizing that their plan for their DCU rollout might not be as solid as they once thought, as the Batman solo film has been greenlit for production. As Hubert noted yesterday, the shooting schedule is tight with Affleck only signed on for the two upcoming Justice League films, plus a short appearance in Suicide Squad. However, the deal for the solo film will include a contract extension for Affleck. There’s no word on whether or not Affleck will also direct the film, but I definitely hope he does.

The timing is a bit curious, as if the news was leaked purposely to invigorate hope from DCU fans following the abysmal Batman v Superman reviews. Whether this news comes as a coincidence or smart marketing, the fact remains the same: We’re getting a new Batman film featuring Affleck’s Batchin.